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10 Ways to Use Push Alerts to Increase Click Through Rates

Push alerts can help you engage with visitors to your site, increasing the CTR and boosting traffic. Use these expert tips to optimise your web push notification campaigns.

Click-through rate (CTR) is an important factor for measuring the efficacy of a web push notification campaign. The goal of a web push notification campaign is to increase sales by boosting engagement among visitors. Business owners are often unaware of the best practices surrounding web push notifications and increasing CTR. By educating yourself on these and other topics, however, you can use web push notifications more effectively and identify problem areas within your campaigns and website.

Push notifications can help you to attract more customers at certain touch-points. They can help you send real-time updates and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand even if they’re not aware of it. Based on a survey by Localytics, users in 2017 were willing to receive more push notifications than users in 2015 before disabling them. That means marketers have a better opportunity to communicate with customers through mobile push notifications today.

What are Push Notifications?

Before we move on, let’s clarify the type of push notifications we’ll be covering in this guide. There are three types of push notifications: web notifications, mobile or app notifications, and desktop notifications.

  • Web Push Notifications: These notifications are sent to users on both PCs and mobile devices. Users give you permission to send these alerts when they visit your website. These are the push notifications we’ll be covering in this guide.

  • Mobile Push Notifications: These notifications are sent to users who have downloaded your application to their device. Alerts can be displayed on the user’s lock screen or banner, or in the notification centre on their phone.

  • Desktop Push Notifications: These notifications are sent to users on a PC. Users must download and install your product onto their PC. Once the product is installed, push alerts can be sent to the user’s desktop. Regardless of the type of push notifications you send, you’ll need to acquire permission from the recipient before you can deliver alerts. Once permission is granted, alerts can be sent whether or not the user is actively browsing the website or using the app.

Boosting CTR With Push Alerts

1. Offer Opt-in Choice

Push notifications boast an average open rate of 90%, and these can improve conversion for your website. But to make it work, give opt-in choice to your visitors in the beginning.

This is important because if the user clicks on a message and finds it irrelevant, this will increase the opt-out rate at a later stage.

2. Cart Abandonment Notifications

Did you know in the e-commerce business, over 75% of carts never see the thank you page? And even more alarming, average cart abandonment results in around $4 trillion in losses each year.

Cart abandonment occurs for various reasons. You should find the root cause and fix it. But remind the user about their cart’s status via push notifications. Create a sense of urgency with the push messaging to make the user come back and complete the purchase process at the earliest.

3. Customised Notifications Based on User Behaviour

Customised push notifications based on user behaviour can increase conversion for any shopping website.

For instance, based on the user’s buying journey, send a personalised message. To improve the conversion rate, you can offer discounts by analysing the user’s activity in real-time. Keep them up-to-date with notifications according to their area of interest.

4. Set Triggers

You can set actionable notifications that entice users to make a purchase. Conduct proper audience segmentation, create lists, and set the frequency for these triggers. By doing so, you’ll see a significant difference in the engagement and conversion rate.

5. Occasion-Based Notifications

People splurge when shopping for their loved ones during holidays. For any online business, this is an excellent opportunity to inspire users with web push notifications to indulge in all the new season collections.

Encourage users to refresh their wardrobe and entice them with offers and discounts. Try using the following alerts:

  • Celebrating birthday/anniversaries

  • End of season sale

  • Summer collection alert

6. Flash Sales

Using flash sales messages is a proven push marketing strategy. This helps create a sense of excitement and urgency among the users, leading to a higher CTR.

Send out push notifications with offers that are time-bound, prompting users to make an immediate purchase. Include discounts and cash back offers to make it more effective.

7. Cross-Sell & Upsell Messages

Most online businesses are gaining 35% of its sales through cross-selling. It uses messages such as “customers who bought this item also bought” and “frequently bought together.”

Using cross-selling and up-sales messages on e-commerce websites has become a norm these days. The buyer might come to buy one product, and end up buying four!

8. Send Drip Notifications

With the drip notifications, you can target new subscribers by sending them a series of push notifications based on pages they browse most often or items they added to their cart. It’s one of the most effective ways to grab attention and boost CTR.

9. Use Calls-to-Action

To get the desired results, make use of the call-to-action (CTA). Users are forgetful, and sometimes you need to guide them with the right CTA in your web push notification. We need to make customers anxious by providing them with a good reason to click a CTA button. You may ask them to download a book, book a webinar, or buy a product based on their journey.

10. Product Back in Stock

When a customer is on the purchasing page of Amazon and the product is out of stock, a push notification appears, informing them that Amazon will notify them when the product is back in stock. This provides confidence to the user and satisfies them with service and convenience.


Push notifications are an effective tool to increase customer engagement and sales. However, they’re not as effective without a solid strategy. The tips and tricks covered in this guide will provide a foundation on which to build high-performing web push notifications.

Along with a solid strategy, push notification software can help you make the most of your campaigns. PushNinja is an app that can help increase traffic to your site and engagement, ultimately boosting CTR and sales.

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