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Is War A Moment Marketing Opportunity?


War is an opportunity for marketing. It is a moment in which your brand could make an impact on the world around you. The presence of war in the news means that your brand could be effecting history and influencing opinions of the people who will one day take your product home.

Do not overlook this opportunity. Use it to create a trending hashtag on social media, as well as a social media campaign during the conflict, and use it to send out emails to customers when you can use it as a sales tool.

The above is just one example of what can be done with war for marketing purposes; but many others can also be done to achieve trending status and increase sales by certain brands (or certain types of products).

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing is often associated with political campaigns, but it can be used in various cases. It is a promotional technique based on trending news, events or instances, used by brands primarily on social media and digital platforms to gain some traction and benefit brand awareness and sales.

There are many examples of companies using this strategy in different ways. Look at the following examples:

  1. Adidas for sportswear, Nike for sneakers and Marc Jacobs for fashion

  2. Dior for women’s wear; Vogue for men’s wear

  3. The Red Sox for sports apparel

  4. Samsung as a tech company (with very limited proof of success)

  5. eBay for auctions

What are the advantages of moment marketing?

War is a very sensitive subject. This is partly because of the history of it, but mostly because it’s been used to make people afraid of something. It’s used to scare people and make them feel like they’re in danger.

War also has some benefits for brands. First, war is a great way to build a presence on social media by getting followers and then keeping them engaged with you long after the war has ended. Second, war is an opportunity for brands to benefit from brand awareness and sales (although this will vary depending on the specific brand). One thing that war provides in terms of both short term and long term results is the public attention you get when something happens during the conflict. For example, when countries take sides in wars, you get major events such as bombings and troop movements during wartime, which can be very useful for your brand.

There are also some disadvantages though: firstly, each side will have different goals; secondly, every country does things differently; and thirdly, even if your company does good work with your brand during a war, there may be negative consequences like losing customers who are not loyal to your brand after being exposed to it during the conflict (this would happen even if you are doing well in that time frame).

Is war an opportunity for moment marketing?

Experts say that brands should avoid using wars or conflicts to subtly or more overtly push brand communication and marketing. Shruti Chaturvedi, the founder of media platform Chaaipani, believes “marketing during an outbreak of war is okay, as long as brands are not marketing on the back of war. This is not a bandwagon brands should climb on”.

She further adds, “There is an absolute thick line between sensitivity and tone-deaf callousness. And to any person with adequate empathy, this line is hard to miss. Someone’s misery in no scenario is marketing material.”

The only thing expected from brands during such times is “solidarity”, says Chaturvedi.Nine out of ten times Ahmed Aftab Naqvi advises brands and his clients to refrain from commenting on sensitive political issues or wars.The global CEO and co-founder of independent digital marketing services company Gozoop, says, “However, if a timely message could make a positive difference to the world while at the same time be true to its brand purpose without having a direct or indirect hint at a product push or sales play, then after careful planning and thought, it could be considered.” (source:


A moment marketing opportunity is a marketing technique that can be used to effectively activate your core audience and drive sales. Using the word ‘moment’ here refers to a big event or an event that is connected with brand or product.

Moment marketing can be used to help build awareness of your brand and products. It can also be used as a way of driving sales in specific time periods, such as a holiday season (since people are more likely to purchase products related to Christmas).

In addition, using the word ‘moment’ here refers to events or occasions; it doesn’t necessarily have to involve big events, such as weddings. Some other examples of moments include: birthdays; new years; holidays; anniversaries; special days like Christmas and July Fourth (which may be on the calendar for a year before being celebrated as well); and more!

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