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Why Collaboration Between Product And Marketing Is Powerful

The Power of Collaboration Between Product and Marketing

While Product and Marketing are different teams with different responsibilities, the goals that they’re working toward are ultimately the same: to engage customers for higher retention and monetisation. So much so that this collaborative effort can yield a 7x difference in outcomes over companies where Product and Marketing aren’t as collaborative.

Let’s examine the different ways this partnership can impact results for your subscription app business.

Faster learning cycles and MVPs

Coordinated testing between the two groups better equips app businesses to collect feedback to iterate and improve the apps’ user experience.

When a new app or update is being developed, the product and marketing teams can also work together to communicate the full value your app brings to users, advertising to the right audience segments, and launching campaigns to build awareness and see which messages resonate the most.

More impactful product roadmaps

Your app will evolve through updates being developed and implemented to bring your users more benefits, value, and convenience.

Working together, teams can help ensure that the product roadmaps reflect the customers’ needs and the larger market.

And, as new capabilities and updates are rolled out, customers can be engaged and made aware of these changes, understanding how to use new features to meet their specific needs.

Increased loyalty and monetisation

As you add new updates to improve the user experience and deliver more ease and advantages to your customers, Product and Marketing working together can help maximize customer engagement and awareness through communication throughout the customer journey.

Push messages, in-app messaging, and emails can provide product and account updates, demonstrate how to use new capabilities, and remind customers of expiring offers and specials.

Personalised touch-points like these lead to increased app usage and purchases.

What can you do to foster collaboration?

A few things can help with facilitating a successful collaboration between Product and Marketing. You can cultivate a culture of open communication between the groups through transparent processes, defined responsibilities and roles, and working toward shared goals and KPIs.

Additionally, you can use technology to help your teams work together to design, test, launch, and iterate new offerings for your customers.

Empowering your Product and Marketing teams

In the end, Product and Marketing teams have the same goal: happy customers who have a good experience and keep coming back. By making it easy for them to use data-based decision-making to create and launch new experiences and campaigns, you’re driving tremendous success for your teams and your business.

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