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Subscriber Base Collected What Next?

Here is why you should send push notifications to users as soon as possible

Just like your website, a database of subscribers is a great asset to get additional value. Once you get users subscribed, you need to start communicating with them immediately because:

Remind about yourself

With push notifications, you’d better hoist your sail when the wind is fair. It makes sense to send messages to users right after they visit your website since they still have it in mind. If they found your site in a search engine and didn’t come back, your task is to remind them about yourself as fast as possible. This way, you will brush their interest up.

Fresh users are more likely to take actions

A newly-subscribed user remembers about you and expects to get some value from your resource. From our experience, newcomers are the most active ones – they eagerly click ads and take actions. Sending a welcome message to newcomers is a really great idea to re-engage them.

Build loyalty to your website

Push notifications help you build loyalty to your site from the first day. Not only do notifications encourage users to come back to your resource – they give you a competitive advantage, as well. Most users are not very likely to search for alternatives, once they already have a proper service/website at hand. Just remind them about that.

Pro tip: Most of our customers share the same question: should you start sending push notifications right away, or does it make sense to wait before a specific threshold is reached? On the one hand, when you catch the best moment to send your push, chances are that you will get more objective results and evaluate them properly. However, on the other hand, delays can be dangerous – when you keep users waiting, they may lose interest. As such, the final result (clicks or CTR) of a delayed push delivery might be lower than an immediate could bring.


A special focus on the content of your message

To make your notifications maximally engaging, you should carefully think about your audience, their needs, and the value you can deliver. It is crucial to express the unique benefit of your offer as clearly as possible. Let’s discuss some winning themes for your push notifications regarding different niches:


Well, obviously, if you have a news website, your users expect info about hot events, interesting facts, analytical pieces, quotes from experts, etc. However, the world of news is so stuffed and there are so many things happening every second, which is a double-edged sword: you always have something to share, but too many notifications are annoying.

In case you work with huge volumes of information, it makes sense to use RSS feeds for your push. Benefit from user segmentation in the audience window, plus – you can use retargeting features to make your campaign even more efficient.

Entertainment and social

Social and entertainment platforms attract visitors looking for some lifehacks, celebrity gossip, simple recipes, quizzes, funny stuff, and more. They won’t be able to resist clicking a push notification with such an appealing piece of content.


For Games websites, you are recommended to send notifications that inform users about unblocked content, gaming events, promotions, and the best – freebies and rewards.


People fond of shopping are expecting information about sales, discounts, special seasonal offers, and products that are back in stock. You can send messages with corresponding content to them and enjoy the better engagement.

Brand-related websites

Your business website was created to inform users about your service or product. We bet that hot push notifications about company news, fresh goods, and engaging promotions will interest your visitors for sure.


Users looking for knowledge and skills improvement might be interested in educational programs, courses, lectures, career-related guides, etc. And, as always, don’t forget about promotions, like special learning plans with discounts or something like that.


Monetisation tools to boost your income

Last but not least, you may want to use additional tools and opportunities to boost your revenue. They can help you make another step after you collect a subscriber base. Namely, you can get more money from your subscribers and feel all the benefits of push notifications!

Indeed, having a great toolkit in your pocket is not enough for resultative work – you need to use those tools smartly! Your subscriber base is like that toolkit, while re-engagement is the way you use it.

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